There Are More Hot Summer Days

  • In Miami, there are now 5 more days above 90˚ degrees each summer.
  • And by 2030 there will be another 10 sweltering days.
  • And by 2050, almost every day in the summer will be hotter than 90˚F.



Because the Whole Country Is Getting Warmer

This is because pollution in the atmosphere traps extra heat, like wrapping a blanket around the earth. In scientist speak, this is climate change, from carbon emissions. 2 degrees warmer may sound small, but it has big impacts, just like when a person is 2 degrees warmer, they then have a fever. Doubling that to 4 degrees in 2050 gets even more dangerous

  • America got 2˚ F warmer in the last 50 years.
  • It is projected to warm even faster: another 2˚ F in the next 30 years.