What about ski seasons?

The effects of climate change are real and happening now for the ski industry. Rising temperatures cause shorter winters, decreasing the number of days between the first fall freeze and last spring freeze. This means fewer visitors and lost revenue for ski resorts.


Sources: NOAA and NCSU

Ski days dropping across U.S.
Ski resorts are already noticing climate change and warmer weather hurting their business.(1),(2) Mild winters translate to about $800 million in lost revenue and about 17% fewer jobs per year.(3),(4)

“We already see a gradual increase in frost-free days and warmer nights… Climate change impacts Aspen’s bottom line”
– Mike Kaplan, CEO of Aspen Skiing Company, 2009

In a skiing hub such as New Hampshire, 10 to 20 percent fewer ski days translates to losses between $42 million and $84 million in direct and indirect visitor spending. With 17,000 New Hampshire residents employed in the ski industry, low snow years have a large impact on jobs as well.(5)


The ski industry speaks out on climate impacts
More than 100 ski destinations have signed the Climate Declaration and committed to combating climate change. Many publicly support clean energy legislation, and some actively invest in onsite renewable energy generation.(6),(7)


“It is obvious that the success of ski business operations depends greatly on climate. But our actions alone won’t be enough without strong policies.”
– Brent Giles, Chief Sustainability Officer of Powdr Corp of Utah, June 2013

Climate change challenges the Winter Olympics
The world’s most famous ski towns – even former Winter Olympics hosts – struggle with warmer weather. Of the past six Winter Olympics, only the 1994 Lillehammer games had temperatures below freezing every day. By 2050, former sites such as Chamonix, Squaw Valley and Vancouver may grow too warm to host the Winter Games again.(8)





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